Everyone Can Benefit From A Life Coach

Just as high performing athletes, entrepreneurs, and CEOs use coaches to achieve great success, everyone can benefit from a life coach. Life coaches help individuals break through barriers and maximize their potential across all facets of life including relationships, career, and health/fitness.

How I Benefited From A Life Coach

I consider myself to be a very independent person, who doesn’t generally ask for help. Last year, I was contemplating a career change but was hesitant to leave my long-term employer. My hesitation came from fear of getting out of my comfort zone, the risk of taking on something new that was less stable/predictable, and potential regret. At a bit of a crossroad and facing a difficult decision, I leveraged my fiancĂ© Meghan Gieber, who is a certified life coach, for her support in navigating my predicament.

Meghan helped me to reframe my thoughts and fears, provided a framework for determining my career path, and was both an ally and accountability partner through the process. This led me to take a leap and try something I’ve never done before, taking a job at a fast-paced startup. Since stepping outside of my comfort zone, I’ve gained completely new career experience and have grown professionally and personally. I made the right choice, one I might not have made if I didn’t have an accountability partner and encouragement.

My experience leveraging a life coach during a challenging point in life has made me a strong believer that everyone can gain from using one and realize a wide range of benefits.

Benefits Of A Life Coach

Some of the many things that a life coach can help with are:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Discovering clarity of purpose
  • Setting goals and achieving them
  • Fostering better relationships
  • Finding happiness
  • Creating a more balanced life
  • Setting boundaries
  • Seeing things from a different perspective
  • Improving self confidence
  • Overcoming obstacles
  • Personal and career growth
  • Finding meaningfulness in life
  • Pursuing dreams
  • Unlocking potential
  • Improving health & fitness


Meghan is an amazing life coach (and not just because she’s my fiancĂ©). Her magnetic personality radiates infectious energy, positivity, and love to everyone around her. With her support, I’ve become more present, and broken through barriers/resistance getting me closer my goals. I highly recommend Meghan to anyone who feels stuck or out of balance in their career, relationships, or health/wellness. You can find out more about Meghan at: www.meghangieber.com


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