Cutting The Cord on Cable

I have a love/hate relationship with Comcast XFINITY. I love their X1 technology platform, broad offering of high definition channels, Stream TV app, and Wi-Fi hotspots. Though I hate being forced to pay for channels that I never watch, having to rent cable boxes, getting my internet speed throttled, and having to go to battle with them every few months when they raise my bill. I also don’t like the high cost of the service, which has me considering cutting the cord on cable.

I’m currently paying $155/month for an XFINITY Starter Triple Play XF package (Digital Starter TV 140+ Channels, Performance Pro Internet, and XFINITY Voice), which includes a promotional discount that is set to expire in a few months. When the promotional discount expires, my bill will jump to well over $200/month.

Like many people, I’ve been contemplating options to save money by cutting the cord on my cable bill. I have a subscription to Netflix, which is great for movies, documentaries, and television series. The problem, and the reason that I’ve been hesitant to cancel XFINITY, is that I also enjoy live T.V. (especially sports and news).

The good news is that Google just announced a new service called YouTube TV that will be “coming soon”. YouTube TV will offer 40 channels including numerous sports and news channels for only $35/month. It also includes YouTube Red (premium original content) which would cost $10 if subscribed to as a stand-alone. YouTube TV will not require a contract or commitment and can be canceled at any time without a fee. Users will be allowed to pause the service/billing and then start it back up whenever they like. The service also comes with unlimited DVR storage space.

With the upcoming rollout of YouTube TV, and with the availability of other services like Hulu and Netflix, it may be time for cutting the cord on cable!


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